a post full of randomness.

one. avengers. WOW! seriously amazing. no joke! loved every minute of it. the actors were awesome, the humor was excellent. go see it. now!

two. the song of the week has been this! i don't know if it's the beat or what...but it just gets me in a dancing mood every time it comes on...thanks pandora! the music video is yes, very corny and just awkward in my opinion, but the beat! ah, kills me.

and three. the hubs and i are TEXAS bound tomorrow morning! yay! my little sister is getting married. *sigh* seems like just yesterday we were in our room playing barbies and watching disney channel. those were the good times. wish me luck with all of the setting up and trying to keep sane through all of it. ha we are excited about the fun week we will have in the humid texas heat. a post about the activities will come up once we have returned.

the sister and i in our youngster years :)

and this weekend it will be her turn to be in a white dress.
tears might be shed. 

have a great week yall! 

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MaddieMcKay said...

Oh my, Stephanie...I love that picture of you and Courtney as little kids! HAHAHA That has your personality written ALL OVER it!