So...I might have forgotten all about this here blog on account of the fact that life has been busy this last year. Keeping up with school, a new job, becoming "parents" to the cutest rascal who we call Ranger, spending quality time with the husband, and other crazy things.

Even though I have been busy, I feel bad about neglecting my blog. So it's time to start it up again! Let's see if I can get a little caught up on things that have happened and actually constantly update the blog.

Thanks for being understanding.

Adios for now :)


happy birthday nick!

today is my brother's 12th birthday! wow, where has the time gone!? seems like just yesterday he was born. nick is the best brother a sister could ask for! here are 12 things that i love about my brother:

1. he is really funny. 
2. he is super smart! 
3. he is excellent at every video game. 
4. he has a big heart.
5. for awhile, he would only eat peanut butter sandwiches. 
6. he loves to go on vacation.
7. he has a pretty good shot when it comes to shooting his bow.
8. he is a good soccer player.
9. he loves animals.
10. he makes some crazy faces.
11. when he was little thomas the tank engine was his favorite.
12. he is one of my best friends!

 wish i could be there to help you celebrate! hope you have a fabulous birthday nick! love you! xoxo


dance about it

"don't stop believing...unless your dream is stupid, 
then you should get a better dream.."
- journey



please excuse my absence until further notice.
school has taken over my life to the point where it's a good thing i already have a husband because my social life has become non-existent since this semester has started.
i am so far behind on all most of my shows (i make time for the bachelor, it's the most important one)
the hubs and i's "date night" lately has consisted of study sessions in the library. boo!
cooking nice meals hasn't been an option with getting out late from school.
and my sleep has gone down the tubes.

i'm not really seeing how school is THIS important.
it's a bit ridiculous. 


adios two thousand and twelve.

we were very blessed this year. shane and i were able to see both of our families quite a bit, enjoyed a few weddings of our friends, went paint balling this summer at our large family reunion, explored in hawaii with my grandparents, met three RSL players while at seven peaks (which was way exciting), moved into our new home, had many pet fishies, made it through a few more semesters of school, and had many adventures as mr. and mrs! i am looking forward to seeing what 2013 will hold for us!


a texas christmas

 around 1:00 pm it was time to open presents...
 (i think the books my sister and i made were a success!)

nick and shane had a blast shooting nick's bow and arrow
  and we actually ended up having a very snowy white christmas in texas after all!
who would have thought!
 we took some family pictures while we were there too.
*courtney, thanks again for doing that!*
 it's hard for all of us to take a serious pictures...
 but we finally got one!

 while we were in texas we were able to surprise these lovely ladies with a visit!
 it was so nice to see the wilson crew!
and shane and i were also able to see this beautiful woman go through the temple to prepare for her mission! it was a wonderful experience!

over all it was a fantastic christmas break even with the unexpected snow. full of games, friends, laughter, tons of driving, home made meals, high school state game at the cowboys stadium!, family time, and many memories! cant wait to visit again...i miss it already.