back home and exhausted

texas was great! had a wonderful time with the family. a chaotic time with the wedding. BUT it went smoothly the day of and turned out great. although the hubs and i had a lovely time in texas (more stories about that later) we are glad to be home and back in our own bed. i must say that we are terribly exhausted though. might take a few days for re-energizing. time to get caught up on work, stuff around the house, and summer school work for me. whoo. which means...it might be a little while before i get some pictures up of our trip to the good ole south.

SO i wanted to at least put up this video that my dear uncle scott introduced me to after the bride, himself, and i went and had our nails done before the wedding. i couldn't help but laugh since we had JUST experienced this.

enjoy :)


Alyssa&Chris said...

Love this video. She's hilarious!

stephanie said...

right?! i laugh every time!

Elizabeth Mei said...

Haha so true! Love this!

Liz Sugihara