the sister got hitched.

so it's taken me awhile to post since we've been back. with work getting back on schedule, two classes this summer, and shane starting to work on the mountain again it's been a bit busy. BUT i did promise a recap, so here it is!

wednesday- the hubs and i went up to oklahoma to visit some friends. we hadn't seen them in over a year so it was nice to see them and their kids and catch up.

thursday- funny story: the hubs, my brother nick, and myself went for a ride on the jetski. we had a blast, it was a perfect day for it and then we lost the key. oops! as our punishment shane and i had to swim it all the way back to my grandparents house. i definitely got my work out for the day. every one thought it was a joke since a year ago, the last time the three of us took the jetski out, we lost nick's glasses. ha oops again!
later that afternoon my uncle flew in from north carolina and we all headed down to a bbq for family of both courtney and miles (my sister and new bro-in-law).

friday- abby, a good friend of mine and the photographer, flew in. then it was time for the rehearsal  and rehearsal dinner but not before we headed to the nail salon to get our nails lookin good!

saturday- THE DAY! and man was it crazy. woke up, went to the venue, decorated all morning, went to get lunch, got back to the venue, found out half of the order was missing, went back to get the other half, chowed down fast!, finished setting up, went and got hair and make up done, slipped into our dresses, and we were rushed out the door to start heading down the isle. BUT even through all of that chaos, it turned out beautifully! courtney looked amazing, miles didn't look to bad himself (he cleans up nicely). the weather thankfully was all blue sky. it was suppose to rain that entire day but thankfully mother nature changed her mind. the food and cake were yummy. and my sister was happy, what more could i ask for :)

mr. and mrs. young!

 mother, hubs, myself, brother, sister, bro-in-law, uncle, grandma, grandpa :)

 we started out with three...

 and now we have five!

congrats miles and court! i wish yall all of the best in life and can't wait to share many memories together now that we are both old married people ;)

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Valerie Griffin said...

how gorgeous! congrats to her!