you know you're growing up when you get excited about household items, such as dishes. seriously!

when shane and i were planning our registry different places before the wedding, i already knew what kind of plates i wanted. FIESTA DISHES! crazy? probably. i mean, for ONE set they are $50 and by set i mean: a dinner plate, a salad plate, a bowl, a cup, and a saucer. but they are by far the coolest plates ever and they come in tons of colors. anyway, thankfully we got 4 sets as wedding presents! i really wanted a set of purple plates (l.o.v.e. purple!) but they didn't have them anywhere. very sad sad day for me. so i settled on other colors that i liked, and that was that.

WELL! last night shane and i went to bed, bath, and beyond to see what kind of cool gadgets we could find and as we were walking through the isle i saw these!

check out that price!!!! $19.42!!!!! and in PURPLE!!!!!

excited would probably be an understatement for the emotion i was feeling. 
we were so happy with the price that we bought both the purple and the red which go along nicely with our other colors. *high five*

once we got home we discovered that these were 4 piece dinner sets instead of the 5 like we have of the others. but no worries, i got online and ordered the needed pieces to finish the collection off from kohls.com and wouldn't you know they were having an online special so they were on sale! i mean, i usually don't get lucky like this so let me tell you, it was nice to experience it for once! 

anyway, boring post, but i just had to share my excitement from last night! :) yay fiesta!


Tyler said...

It was meant to be!

stephanie said...

:) i completely agree!