friday letters.

dear shane: thanks for working so hard all of the time. you are superman. seriously!

dear next week: please go by super fast. for one, i do not want to work. and two, i would like to be in texas with the family. k, thanks.

dear spring semester: it's been...fun? not really. but thanks for finally being over. 

dear weather in utah: although i will be away from you in two weeks, i expect it to stay warm once i return. none of this eighty degrees one days forty degrees the next anymore.

dear pintrest: thanks for always being there when i've been board at work.



Jenn @ PSP said...

Wow, if I could be on Pinterest at work...I'm pretty sure the babies would have to figure out how to take care of themselves, because I'd be far too distracted ; )

stephanie said...

ha thankfully i have a pretty easy going job!