[day seven]
a picture of your most treasured item.

my most treasured item would be my scriptures and also my pictures. my scriptures strengthen me so much and although i don't read them as much as i should, i know they are always there to guide and help me when i truly need it. pictures are how i capture memories that i want to remember forever! i have them posted everywhere i can to remind me of all the good times i've had in my life.

[day six]
a picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day.

abbie! well, maybe not abbie in particular but i would love to trade places with a toddler just to feel what it was like again at that age. not having any care in the world except what you were having for snack that day, what tv show to watch, or what toy to play with next. i think these are precious times in a child's life...they are still at that innocent level where they just want love and attention. i love watching abbie play and react to things. she is a princess.

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