[day five]
a picture of your favorite memory.

i don't think it's THE favorite memory, but it definitely is one of them in my book. because of that night i was able to grow a much bigger appreciation for my town and the people in it. i also loved feeling like a princess each time i was able to wear my crown. i learned so much from being miss mount vernon 2009 and will always remember it!

[day four]
a picture of your night.

skype date with ferrol jane and caitiebeth :)

they entertain me so! we have definitely proven that distance doesn't have to kill friendships. even though we aren't able to spend time together like we would like, skype allows us to at least see each other while we are seperated and still be a part of each others lives.

[day three]
a picture of the cast from your favorite show.

i used to watch many shows and stay up to date on them, watching every week...then i became a college student and since i no longer have the time nor a t.v. to watch them on, i have to rely on the internet to watch things when i have the chance. so my favorites have changed. these days i still keep up with mostly one tree hill and gossip girl. watching these shows has become my 'get away' or down time since i've been up here in utah going to school. and everyone needs some of that in their life, right? :)

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