[day eight]

a picture that makes you laugh.

so, i couldn't decide on just one picture so i'm breaking the 'rules' and putting a few on here :)

picture number one.
oh, how i love my siblings :)

picture number two/three.
ha! so funny story with this one...lauren, dylan, and i decided to do the impossible and put THREE people on a TWO person tube!!!! i know what you're thinking.."that's impossible!" BUT it's NOT! we did it! and we decided that was by far the best way to tube. anywho, so ragon is taking action shots of us doing this incredible thing which is the picture above :) then a little while after that the boat turns super sharply...lauren and i go flying off the tube, and dylan hangs on and almost falls off himself by laughing so hard! hahaha! ragon took the picture right in time to catch that moment (the picture below). every time i see this picture i just can't help but laugh :)

picture number four.
our telephone skit for our senior slide show! we put that thing together in one day...kelc and i had learned the dance moves just a few hours before the show. we managed to pull it off, do a fantastic job, have tons of fun, and get a standing ovation from everyone! :D

picture number five.
so, i'm pretty sure brett took this at a stake dance...the boys wanted to seem manly and flex for the picture, instead it just looks like dylan is punching himself :)

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