i've discovered that i'm super good at keeping up with other people's blogs and checking them on a regular basis to see if anything new has been put up BUT that i am super bad at keeping up with mine. oops! something to work on i suppose.

so basically this second semester of life out here in utah is much better than the first in more ways than one. for starters: i know my way around this area a ton better than when i first got here. 2nd: i know my way around school more and am enjoying my classes a lot better than i did last semester. third: although caitie philips [aka: blair waldorf] moved away from me this semester and i'm super sad about it, i'm surprisingly not as lonely as i thought i would have been thanks to mister shane sanders!

he is the new boy friend :)
we've been dating for a little over a month now and
we're having tons of fun.

this semester in school i'm taking psychology, nutrition, chemistry, and health. for the most part i like all of my classes [chemistry being the exception] and have passed ALL of my tests i have had in those classes so far :) *go me!* this next week is midterm week though, so hopefully those good test taking grades will stay up.

weirdly enough this semester is half way through, which means only 2 more months of school and then it's SUMMER TIME! :D i'm rather stoked about this! summer happens to be my favorite season, not only is it nice and warm [plus humidity in good ole tejas!] BUT there is no school! for me anyways! a break will definitely be needed by then.

so basically...that's about all that's been going on.
brett, princess abbie, alicia, and new baby brinlee are coming down in a week! i'm so excited! i haven't seen them in FOUR MONTHS! :0 pictures will be taken, laughter will be made, and fun will be had! no questions asked! :)

anywho-i have no more to say in this post...soooooo, adios my friends!

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