finals to now time!

so-i noticed today that i haven't posted anything since finals time. and i thought i should probably change that before i got too far behind and didn't remember what all happened.

finals about killed me...my biology one anyways. caitie and i stayed in the library for a week and a half until 12 PM-1 AM each night. it was a lonnngggg week and a half but it paid off in the end. both caitie and i got a good enough grade on our biology final that we passed the class! there was much celebrating because of it! i also passed all of my other classes as well, which i was really grateful for.

went back to good ole texas for the christmas holidays :) i love going back home now that i'm not there all the time and not able to see my family and friends on a regular basis. christmas was great, i was able to spend a lot of my time with my family which i was really grateful for!

i was somewhat excited to go back to provo and somewhat not. i miss texas so much while i'm here in provo but while i was home i didn't feel like i had a "real" place for myself. i didn't have a room anymore, none of my stuff was there. so i was ready to get back to provo and have my space again but i do miss my family and friends a lot like always. i've started a new semester at utah valley university..or UVU :) i have really come to enjoy this school a lot more than i expected. all of my classes this semester are pre reqs for me to get done so hopefully by the fall of 2012 i can apply for the nursing program and continue on the path to become a nurse and specialize in neonatal (aka babies in the nursery). so far so good with my classes but chemistry is on the fence...i have a feeling like it will be another difficult one much like my biology one last semester, but i'm hoping for the best right now. other than that things are good!

this past weekend maddie and her friend rachel came down from byu-i so it was fantastic to have them here :) i always have tons of fun when maddie comes down...still in the process of trying to talk her into moving down here..that would be AWESOME!!! anywho-here are some pictures of us from this past weekend...

there are SOCKS in the vending machines at a bowling ally

me and maddie moose :)

ha! lonnngggg story!

maddie and i at the salt lake temple at night!

maddie and shane!

sadly enough caitie also left me this past weekend to ventured off to california... :( i miss her lots already but hopefully she'll be back soon to visit. until then we plan to have skype dates to watch the bachelor and gossip girl and possibly grey's anatomy together :)

before she left saturday morning, caitie, me, and her roommate jenny (also a friend of mine) took a picture for old times sakes :)

well, thats pretty much a brief catch up of whats been going on since finals time til now! i'm looking forward to all the other fun things that will be happening this semester! :)


tash faye said...

you have a cute blog! I'm jealous. I just barely found it and I'm now following ;) hehe I LOVE it!

stephanie said...

yay! :) i'm thinking you should have a blog, if you don't already have one, tash! definitely!

tash faye said...

haha i just barely barely named mine and started it... but it's not nearly as great as yours