thirty day photo thingy!

so people are doing this on facebook but i've decided to switch it up some and do it on my blog! might be fun to look back on someday and who knows when facebook will become old news like myspace [may it rest in peace]. anywhos-here we go!

[day one] a picture of yourself with fifteen facts.

1. i am what you would call a "movie-a-holic".
2. burts bees is my favorite chapstick ever.
3. my car is a transformer and likes to be called 'little red'.
4. i have a fear of butterflies and toe tags on CSI.
5. my favorite drink is water.
6. i get cold very very very easily.
7. i enjoy going down memory lane with friends.
8. summer is my favorite time of the year.
9. i am a terrible liar.
10. i have music playing constantly.
11. driving around is a hobby of mine.
12. i have a passion for texas football.
13. i was miss mount vernon 2009.
14. i cannot snap with my right hand.
15. daisies are my favorite flower.

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