this past weekend maddie muse (moose) came down from BYU-I and spent the weekend in provo! during the weekend maddie, kristy, jimmy, dj, and i had the opportunity to catching up and have some fun with one another. we went to the provo temple, on the Y mountain, and explored around the area.

it took forever to take this picture! the pasta kept falling! ha

at the provo temple

on top of the Y mountain exploring!

on sunday maddie and i got up early to get ready for conference. we headed up to salt lake to try and get in the standby line to get into the afternoon session. i had always wanted to go to a live session of conference but had never been before. Alicia called me and said she had a ticket for me that i could use for the afternoon session with them so all we needed was to get maddie one. standing in line from 9AM til a little after 12PM was the longest time EVER! aaron and tamera came and found us after the morning session and said we should come with them to eat lunch with the C's, Alicia, and Abbie and that they would make sure they got maddie a ticket. soooo, reluctantly we stepped out of the line we had been waiting in for 3 hours to go fill our tummies with food. it was really nice to see all of them again, especially abbie! i missed that little princess! :) after lunch, maddie, sister c, alicia and i went up to the conference center and took our seats, which were amazing by the way, and enjoyed the last session of conference. it was so amazing to hear the words of the apostles and the prophet in person. just being in the same room as them was a fantastic experience that im truly grateful i could have.

in temple square waiting in line for conference tickets!

salt lake temple! :)

it was a great weekend hanging out with familiar faces and catching up!


Mauna said...

Steph...you are awesome..don't ever change!!!
Love ya Mauna

stephanie said...

thanks! :) i think you're pretty fantastic yourself!! love you