fall break-off to colorado!

this past week was fall break for uvu and since i wasn't able to travel home, i did the next best thing. visit brett, alicia, and princess abbie :)

we had an excellent week! tuesday night and wednesday were hang out days which were enjoyable and fun. thursday was "abbie and me" day since both brett and alicia had to work. we had a fantastic day playing with her letters and farm, reading blues clues book and finding blue, and also watching her recent favorite nursery rhymes dvd (we watched it so many times during the week, i totally have that thing memorized to the point that i can make my own nursery rhymes dvd haha). on friday alicia, me, and abbie made our way to the denver zoo where we had a blast exploring and seeing all the animals. abbie's favorites for the day were the baby giraffe, nitro, and the baby sea lion, addy. it was fun having abbie know all of the animal names when we would go look at them. and we definitely got our work out in (denver zoo is HUGE, just fyi!) once we got back from the zoo it was abbie's nap time, and mine and alicia's rest time. after brett got home, the four of us made our way to the hockey game brett got tickets for. we watching the colorado eagles and i was determined to see blood on the ice! this was my first hockey game and i wanted it to be INTENSE! sadly enough though...there was no blood the entire game and on top of that the eagles ended up losing. we all got over it rather quickly, although i cant say the same for the die hard eagle fans that seemed rather upset by the end of it. saturday was filled with activities as well. starting with the pumpkin patch! we had a pretty good time going on a hay ride, picking out pumpkins, and going through a corn maze. after all of that excitement it was time for THE GAME! aka the texas vs. nebraska game. it was FANTASTIC! and brett and i were well pleased with the end result to say the least :) the missionaries came over later that night for dinner which was entertaining, and then the night came to an end. sunday was church day and leaving day. i packed up my things after we got back from church, and about three hours later i was off in my car headed back to provo.

it was a super fun break and i loved every minute of it! abbie is getting SO big, it's crazy! her personality is the cutest thing! i had a really good time hanging out with brett and alicia as well, i've missed them quite a bit since they've moved. luckily since they live somewhat close to me, i am able to go see them from time to time which i'm really looking forward to!

thank you brett, alicia, and abbie for putting up with me for the week! i had the best time! :)

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