this past weekend was halloween weekend...a holiday that i hate and have always hated! so to try and make the holiday a little bit more enjoyable (especially since the princess was turning 2 that weekend) i decided to head up to CO again and spend it with brett, alicia, and the princess. we hung out thursday and friday and just chilled...and then saturday came and thats when all the crazy fun began. alicia, abbie, and myself went to Harvest Farms which was a very interesting place. they had hay/corn mazes, hay rides, pig races, petting zoos, playgrounds, and a bunch of other things. the favorite activity of the afternoon was the petting zoo. abbie LOVED it! by the end of it they were HER goats and HER sheep. ha we were able to feed them and when one of the goats wouldnt eat the food in her hand she would take the piece of corn in her fingers and shove it in my goats mouth saying "here goat! EAT!" haha she wasnt scared at all!

we went to the petting zoo about 3 times while we were there and each time she would have to hug all of her goats and sheep before she could leave. it was the cutest thing EVER!

we also played on the playground while we waited for our lunch. abbie and i had a super fun time going down the slide again and again and flying into the air :)

we went and watched the pig races which were funny to watch. abbie and i really got into yelling really loud "ready, set, GO!" when they would let the pigs out to race!

after all of the excitement of the Harvest Farm we went to their ward halloween party which was rather intense if i do say so myself! they had tons of games for the kids, a chili cook off (alicia won 2nd places!), a costume contest, coloring stations, dancing on the stage, and a trunk or treat! we had a really good time and after while brett and alicia were helping clean up, abbie and i played tons of "get you"...i definitely got a work out from it! ha

cute little princess lady bug :)

coloring pumpkins!

ring toss

abbie LOVES her carrots and "dip it" (ranch)


i just love this little girl to pieces! and i love this family! i'm so grateful that they let me come and hang out with them on weekends-they are the best! and that's all there is to it! :)

oh! p.s happy birthday to princess abbie! she is now 2! :)

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