spontaneous adventure

so, last friday caitie and i were sitting at the creamery having lunch after our biology class. Our conversation went something like this:

catie: "what are we going to do this weekend?!"
stephanie: "i dont know..."
caitie: "i guess we could do some laundry?"
stephanie: "yeah...i need to do some of mine too! oh! and we can go rent a movie and watch it while we are doing our laundry!"


this is what happens when you become a college kid...you do laundry on the flippin weekend!
its crazy stuff, let me tell you!!!!


caitie: "or....we could go to california and go see ferrol...."
stephanie: "caitie, you're retarded!"
caitie: "no, im serious...i mean...what are we doing this weekend?!"
stephanie: "well...laundry?"
caitie: "exactly! i mean...why shouldnt we go?!"
stephanie: "i cant help but see that you have a point there..."
caitie: "so?!"
stephanie: "call lesty! lets do it!!!!"

after that we called celeste (ferrol's sister for those of you know dont know) and told her about our plan, got it all set with you, and made she she knew it was a suprise for ferrol and to NOT tell her!!!

it was a LONG 9 hour drive and we didnt get on the road until 2:30ish...so we pulled into celeste's driveway around 11:30 california time (12:30 utah time). we filmed our suprise on ferrol which i posted on facebook. (for some reason it wont load on here...lame!) it was great though! she had no idea and was completely shocked!

while we were there we went to Hollywood Boulevard and saw the stars and hand/foot prints of different people. it was pretty cool but definitely not what i imagined it would actually be like. we also made our way to Santa Monica beach where it was VERY cold but it was cool to go and look around. most importantly we got to do some catching up and just enjoying each others company again...something we hadn't all been able to do for quite a few months since we all left at different times! it was a good spontaneous weekend that we enjoyed to the fullest! :)

stay tuned for more crazy spontaneous adventures! :)

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