update update!

so, i was told from a certain someone.....*joanne*.....that i needed to update my blog.
so...here it goes! :)
since moving here to provo, it's been wayyyy different than i could have ever imagined! it's definitely not like texas which i suppose is good and bad. the weather...is to die for here verses texas weather where its hot and muggy and you cant breathe just after walking to the car. a down side is that i have no clue how to get from one point to the next. these darn utah people like their N, S, E, W, and their numbers! its crazyness! i miss my family a lot more than i ever expected and it has made me appreciate them a ton more than i ever have! i do miss my friends back home soooo soooo much! and even though this is hard...way harder than i expected, i think i need this. a new adventure in my life to experience new things and over come obstacles that come my way.

on other news...
school has kept me pretty busy these days which im not much a fan of. my ASL class, is the best! my biology on the other hand...not so much. ha but i only have to get through a semester of it..thats what i keep telling myself anyways!

on a side note...
last week at church we had a stake conferece and at our stake conference we had...



it was way awesome, to say the least! so many people were there they had to send students to the over flow room which just blew my mind. and for as many people were in the marriot center...it was as quiet as can be! it was one of the neatest things i have experienced!

anyway, thats about it for now. OH! other than the fact that it's my


i feel so....old? ha nah, not really. but i wasnt looking forward to this birthday AT ALL! this was the first one i wouldnt be spending at home with my family and friends and i was not thrilled about that fact. BUT it turned out to be not as bad as i thought it was going to be. i got a bazillion comments on facebook, texts, calls, IMs, special messages...everything today! and it was so nice! plans were made with friends i havent seen in forever! and a midnight premire was scheduled for me and caitie to go see Easy A! pictures may come later...depending on if i remember to take any! :P ha

so thats about it for now! taking life one day at a time! :)

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