mixed order?

so...if im doing this blog in order of whats gone on in my life..it's going to be a tad bit out of order since i havent gotten my Miss Mount Vernon pictures yet to display for the blog world...so, right now all that really matters is that you know that.....

it was a great and super fun night! i was Miss Mount Vernon as well as backstage hand helper which brought a different twist to the night, but i liked it so much that i'm coming back as staff next year! :) YAY! with this lovely lady ----> kelsey goode!

we had a really fun time helping manage backstage and keeping the girls and props together. we are pretty STOKED for next year :)

anywho...back to why i was posting this blog...

yes, yes...that's right. i moved to utah for college to attend Utah Valley University. it's way different here than texas, but im giving it a try and we'll see how it goes. so far so good...all moved in and unpacked! already started classes that, so far, are running smoothly...but we'll see how well they are after a couple weeks and a few exams. ha
so here is a quick look into my apartment that i am sharing with 2 other girls (for some reason a 3rd girl didnt want to move in?) and right now things are going pretty well with everyone. keeping fingers crossed it stays that way.

The Living Areas

(excuse the boxes...we were still moving in at the time and i didnt feel like moving all the boxes just for a picture ha)

My Bedroom :)

well, that's it for now! just trying to get all settled in and use to the swing of things around here. first order of business...trying to figure out how to find my way around this place..utah streets..are RETARDED! i hate the grid system right now ha but i'll learn (hopefully) :)

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