home sweet home

after what seems like months but is really only two weeks, we are finally for the most part unpacked! and boy oh boy does it feel good! at the beginning it was a maze just getting to and from the couch the same with in the kitchen and our room...and well, every room for that matter. i was getting pretty sick of seeing boxes everywhere. but thankfully they are gone now and most everything is put in it's new place, with the exception of the guest room/shane's workout room/junk clutter room. here is a quick tour of a few areas of the house:

 my first project: replace those curtains...
shane's tomahwak throwing stumps :)


Megan and Will said...

SO CUTE!!! I love your little home! :) So, when can I come visit?!

stephanie said...

megan- you can come visit whenever you want! :) we will be here for awhile!