friday letters.

it's getting festive around here

 dear pumpkin spice candle- thank you for making the house smell wonderful and cozy like. 

dear dishes- i wish you would stop piling up. now that we don't have a dishwasher i hate you even more.

dear jef and emily- why did you have to break up?! this devastates me more than it really should. 

dear shane-  you have been working so hard lately. on the mountain, in school, around the house. you are amazing and i am convinced there is nothing you can not do! 

dear fall- thank you for gracing us with your presence! you are making me rather giddy about
thanksgiving (33 days!) and christmas (66 days!)

dear greys anatomy- i don't even know what to do with you anymore.



Megan and Will said...

Ok, I'm glad i'm not the only one saddened by Emily and Jef....I really have been "mopey-like" since I heard....they were supposed to work out.... :(

stephanie said...

right?! it is not right i say! NOT RIGHT! i was sure it was going to work out. this whole thing is terrible. :(

Bethany Grow said...

oh greys anatomy. it's a freakin roller coaster! tho what's new... and when is christina gonna get the freak back in seattle??

elise said...

new[est] follower. can't wait to keep reading along!
love your letters!

stop by sometime!

Christina Marie said...

oh no! did they really break up???

make sure to stop by i nominated you for the liebster award:)