mushroom farmer is still in it

this is the most frustrating episode so far (for me) so i had to post about it.
sorry if you aren't a bachelorette fan.

can ryan's head get any bigger?! i don't think i can stand that guy for one more week.
and he best not be coming back to be the bachelor. oh em gee.
arie. i mean, come on...we all know he is the guy at the end.
i love jef, but what the heck was he wearing at the rose ceremony?!
we barely heard from kalon and it was rather nice.
alejandro got a rose. nate didn't. what the heck.
this is shaping up to be a very interesting season.


MaddieMcKay said...

OMG I love Ryan!! I was texting one of my roommates and she suggested that he be the next bachelor and if he was...I kid you not! I would sign up! WHAT.A. Stud! But he's kind of a tool. Sad day :(

stephanie said...

maddie moose! he is a HUGE TOOL! you better not sign up for him if he is the bachelor. you are more than a "trophy wife"

MaddieMcKay said...

HAHAHAHA! I'm okay with that! He's a stud!