the junk

shane and i both had the junk this past week which was not very fun. 
this was our view the entire weekend.

we were on our air mattress in front of the tv sick.
it was rather nice being able to just be lazy all weekend together
we were able to discover this awesome tv show: once upon a time!
love it.

now it's monday which means back to work.
for me anyway, shane still has a few days left to recover before he goes back to work. 
lucky duck 


Crissy B. said...

My hubby and I love Once Upon a Time! Hope you both are feeling better!

Audrey said...

Kiley has been watching Once Upon A Time since it first started. You guys can be friends :)

stephanie said...

once upon a time is AWESOME! i can't believe it had taken us so long to watch it. audrey! you must watch it too, seriously..it's amazing :)

crissy- we are starting to finally get over this stuff, thanks!