easter weekend

our easter weekend was unlike others that i've had in the past.
it consisted of:
shooting my first gun EVER
spending time with family
operation JB creeper: aka hiding a cut out justin beiber to scare others
having a crazy large easter egg hunt
enjoying some canasta (it is NOT an old persons game)
celebrating TWO birthdays
and getting stuck in traffic on the way home.

here are just a few pictures that were snapped during this eventful weekend

skrat (from ice age) was one of our targets.
and yes, those are all of my shots!

(sorry for the delayed beginning...we weren't exactly sure when he was coming out)

our niece strikes the most crazy poses i've ever seen.

she wanted to walk and eat the egg at the same time

it was halie and logan's birthday (my sister-in-law and nephew) so cupcakes were a definite must!

easter weekend was a blast and a half! it was fun to get away from the crazy north and enjoy some sunny days down south with family and friends. now may needs to hurry and show up so i can get back down to my roots for a splendid week :)


Tyler said...

"operation JB creeper: aka hiding a cut out justin beiber to scare others"
hahah that video made my day!
Looks like a wonderful time :)

stephanie said...

so glad you liked it tyler!
we had a blast with it :)

Jes said...

those might be the coolest easter eggs i have ever, ever seen!