and the award goes to....

surprisingly i found out that this lovely lady gave me an award!
check out emily's awesome blog!

they call it the versatile blogger award!
*gasp* oh my gosh! :O

so here's how it goes!
each nominee should:
1. nominate fifteen fellow bloggers for the versatile blogger award.
2. add an image of the versatile blogger award.
3.thank the blogger who nominated you in a post with a link to their site.
4.share seven completely random facts about yourself.
5. include this set of rules.
6. inform each nominated blogger of their nomination.

i nominate:
emily @ meme&he
alyssa @ sincerely smeda
elsha @ her & him
bonnie @ life of bon
brooke @ lovers letters
whitney @ whitspeaks

the seven randoms:
one. i have a fear of butterflies and toe tags on CSI.
two. burts bees is my most favorite chapstick ever.
three. i take princess gummy vitamins every morning.
four. i am slightly obsessed with pintrest.
five. my car's name is little red.
six. i get cold VERY easily.
seven. i miss texas more than anything.

the end :)


Jes said...

thanks for the award!!!!
um the fear of butterflies and toe tags on CSI made me laugh out loud.
and i take gummy vitamins every morning too!

Tyler said...

Thanks for the award!!

Valerie Braun said...

Ahhh Thanks Girly! I'm flattered. No surprise you were nominated!