so as i said earlier the hubs and i were lucky enough to go to kauai, hawaii for our spring break, and let me just say, it was FABULOUS! paradise really doesn't even cover it.

the first 2 1/2ish days were overcast and rainy thanks to the major storm they had the week before but after that it was beautiful sunny clear skies with 80 degree heat.

we soaked up so much sun,
applied crazy amounts of sunblock,
ate way too much,
shopped like crazy,
played in the surf and sand,
and had a blast and a half.

yes, these are my grandparent's who are in their seventy's and they went ziplining...did crazy good! be impressed, because i sure was :)

we have a bazillion more photos, but i decided to keep it short and sweet this time and just post some of my favorites! i hope everyone else had a wonderful spring break. it definitely got me in the mood for summer!

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