aloha for a week!

so for the next week my hubby and i will be here:

kauai, hawaii!

excited? that's an understatement!
i'm SO ready to be somewhere other than this cold place called utah.
the beach and sun is calling my name :)

i won't have internet for the next week which mean no updated posts until i get back. so i thought i would leave yall with this for thought:

good ole pintrest! never fails.
hope yall have a fantastic spring break!


Megan and Will said...

LOL!! SO true!!

Alyssa&Chris said...

Have fun!

Ty and Brandie said...

Have so much fun!!! vacations like Hawaii will be so awesome to look back and hold as wonderful memories! Can't wait to see pics and hear all about it.

bonbon said...

WAAA!!!! So jealous! You are absolutely going to love Kauai! I did a semester in Hawaii and we hopped over to Kauai for Thanksgiving and it was literally the most beautiful place on Earth I have been. Absolutely breathtaking. And make sure you hike Na Pali coast (spelling??) SO Beautiful!

new follower :)

lovers letters said...

oh so fun for you! jealous. i've never been to kauai. i found your cute cute blog via my class confessions and i love it! too funny about the pedicure, and wayy too true! love the blog, have fun on your vacation with the husband! xo

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Hope you are having a blast! That pinterest find is hilarious by the way :)

stephanie said...

i'm glad everyone has enjoyed the pintrest find! it's a favorite of mine :) and welcome to the blog family bonbon, lovers letters, and alycia! stay tuned for a new post about the vaca which was a blast and a half :)