new addition!

as a valentines day gift my husband surprised me with this:

it was his way of tell me we are getting a FISH! :D
okay, so most people would say”…really a fish? that’s a lame pet.” but where we are living we can’t have any ‘normal’ pets in the house (dog, cat, etc.) so a fish is basically the only pet we would be able to have. i am SO excited! i miss having pets and the interaction with them. we went to petsmart last night and went “fish looking”. now most fish are rather dull. they just float there and do nothing (kind of a boring pet) BUT i found this WAY AWESOME fish that was unlike all the others. he was social, fun, entertaining, and we had a connection! it was meant to be! that was my fish! he is a tropical goldfish? that’s what i call him anyway. he looks similar to a goldfish but he’s big HUGE! he puts the gravel in his mouth and then spits them out…it’s fabulous! i was all excited, figuring out what tank we needed, what decorations we could put in, getting his filter and everything and then….the lady working in the fish department asked if we already had a fish tank at home set up.
“no, we are just starting one”
“oh, well it’s best to have a tank all put together and running for at least a week before putting a fish in it or else it won’t make it.”
*WHAT THE HECK!?!?!??!*
devastation shot all across my face. i mean, it was ridiculous. who knew you had to have all of that prepared at LEAST a week before?! not us! to say the least i was very disappointed because that i meant i wasn’t going to be able to take my awesome social fish home with me that night. i told her which one we wanted and she said that he had been there for awhile and he is a known fish to all the workers because of how ‘cool’ he is and that he would more than likely still be there when we come back the following week.
*fingers crossed*
so with a sigh we got the tank, gravel, decorations, filter, heater, net, and everything else to get this tank fixed up so that a week from now we could go get turbo (that’s what i named him) :) cute right?!
anyway, this is his tank…it’s alllllll ready for turbo to come home :)

here is a better look at his beach lounge on the right!

to say i’m excited about this is an understatement :)

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