hello langston!

who is langston you ask? well, i'll tell you!
he is ONE of our FISHIES!!!!!

isn't he cute?!

so we still have to wait til WEDNESDAY to bring turbo home, but shane decided to go get a fish friend for turbo and that way there can at least be a fish in the tank. he saw this little guy and knew we had to adopt him too! shane asked the pet guy if it was okay to bring him home since we were told we had to wait for turbo because of the tank. thankfully the pet guy said that since he was small he would be just fine! so now he is in his new AWESOME tank at home with us :) i love this little guy, he is so cool! he will scoop up the rocks with his mouth and then spit them out. shane and i are very excited to welcome him into our family and also to bring turbo home next week!

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