eight days and couting!

wow! i haven't blogged in a LONG time.

so may was a LONG month....with shane back down in aurora logging and only able to see each other on the weekends and me back in provo with no job, or friends living there anymore, or anything to do...i was completely bored. it continued until the end of the month. then thankfully my mother and grandmother came up to utah to help me pick out my wedding dress (which i LOVE), make flower decisions, get supplies to put together the announcements, and all the other little extra stuff. while they were up here i was able to introduce them to shane's family which was a lot of fun. everyone got a lot and we all had a great time hanging out, talking with each other, and playing scum (a sanders family favorite).
then it was my turn to travel back down to texas for three weeks to put together the bazillion announcements (yes, there were actually that many) and last minute decisions for the reception. my mother, grandmother, and i worked on the announcements for 2 days...i was punching holes in them (with a single hold puncher...my hand was bruised for 3 days, not fun!), my grammy was cutting the paper, and my mom was putting the ribbon on. we switch stations every once in awhile...like when my hand went numb. but thankfully we got them done and they look even better than i thought they would!
while i was down in texas the mavs were playing in the championships....BIG DEAL! i watched all the games with grammy (except for one with brett, dylan, and lauren) and i must say i was rather stoked when they pulled it out and were named the NBA CHAMPS!

now i'm back in utah (well...i've been back for about 2 weeks nowish) and things are great! i'm all moved in to shane and i's new place. it's great! pictures will be posted soon...once we have furniture haha and i've started my job at lion's den storage which i'm liking really well so far. some days are slow, other days are ridiculously busy. but i'm enjoying it...for now anyways, ask me again in a few months :P
shane and i are down to eight days until the big day! crazy! in some ways its gone by so slow, but it others it feels like time is flying by. it really sunk in that it's coming soon when i had my interview with my bishop and stake president out here and was given my temple recommend. then it was like...oh wow...this was a big step...it's coming quick! :) we are both very excited to start this new chapter in our lives. we are very thankfully for our families as well for all the time and energy and headaches they have put into help planning for everything and getting things lined up. they are great and we couldn't ask for better!
OH! before i end for the night (i have work in the morning..can't be staying up all hours of the night anymore...lame sauce!) we had our engagement pictures done and i haven't posted them on here yet. abby our photographer is GREAT! we love her and she made taking the pictures super fun. anywho, here are a few we really liked...we had 400 to go through...like i said, abby's amazing! :) and trust me, more will come after the wedding/reception. ha
well, that's it for now! i'm working, shane's logging. and we're just waiting for the day :)

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