the proposal 4.10.2011 :)

earlier last week shane told me that his roommate rj was wanting to go into salt lake and go to temple square this sunday and asked if we wanted to go as well as some other friends. we had already been the previous sunday when we went up for conference but said sure, that sounded good.

so sunday after church shane and i go to his sister (halie) and brother-in-laws (michael) house for their son, Logan's birthday party. (they also have a 3 year old daughter, Adrienne) we had dinner, hung out for a bit, and then had cupcakes and ice cream. shane and i had been waiting on a text from rj telling us that they were leaving and on their way to the temple so we could meet them there.

finally around 7:30 shane says that rj texted him and that we needed to get going so we could meet them there. we said goodbye and got into the car and drove to temple square. we beat them there at the temple so instead of just waiting in the car we went to the visitor's center and chilled around there for awhile. i looked at my phone to see the time and it was 8:15 and asked shane if rj knew that temple square closed at 9 since he was the one who wanted to come up here in the first place and he was running behind...about 10 mines later shane says that rj texted him and said that they were parking and to meet them at the reflection pool in front of the temple. this past weekend it had snowed and it was rather cold, so my legs are freezing outside and so i'm looking around for rj and the rest of the group once we get to the reflection pool. shane and i are just talking about this and that while we're there.

then all of a sudden this little girl comes walking up and i think to myself "woah, she looks a lot like adrienne" then about that time shane kneels down to the little girl and says "well, hey adrienne" and so then im like okay..that is adrienne..well thats weird halie and michael didn't tell us they were coming to the temple and so i start looking around for them because adrienne is here walking around unsupervised so i'm not really paying attention to what else is going on. when shane says "adrienne, what do you have there?" and adrienne says "a ring!" (in a cute little girl voice) and shane says "oh yeah?" and takes the box from her, opens it up, and proposes! :) i said yes, of course.

halie and michael (and logan in a stroller) were hidden video tapping the entire thing from two different angles. i was completely shocked and didn't see it coming AT ALL! they definitely pulled off the surprise! rj and the rest of the group was just a decoy...they weren't planning on coming ever, rj just went along with it whenever it was talked about this past week. :)

adrienne did an excellent job helping out the with proposal :)

a reenactment!

the ring :)

the date has been set for july 8, 2011 at the manti utah temple :)

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