happy birthday nick!

today is my brother's 12th birthday! wow, where has the time gone!? seems like just yesterday he was born. nick is the best brother a sister could ask for! here are 12 things that i love about my brother:

1. he is really funny. 
2. he is super smart! 
3. he is excellent at every video game. 
4. he has a big heart.
5. for awhile, he would only eat peanut butter sandwiches. 
6. he loves to go on vacation.
7. he has a pretty good shot when it comes to shooting his bow.
8. he is a good soccer player.
9. he loves animals.
10. he makes some crazy faces.
11. when he was little thomas the tank engine was his favorite.
12. he is one of my best friends!

 wish i could be there to help you celebrate! hope you have a fabulous birthday nick! love you! xoxo

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Jennie Grange said...

Lovely pictures! That wedding dress is stunning!