it's been awhile since i've posted anything. i apologize. there is a good reason for that and it's because i HAVEN'T BEEN HOME! after my mom and brother came to visit the hubs and i had to get things together that lets just say, should have been put together quite awhile ago, for the jepson family reunion. it was pure chaos/madness in the sanders household that week. BUT we made it to the reunion aka camp central for four days with over one hundred people. insane? probably! but we all had a blast even with the occasional rain storm. there were games, movies, challenges, paintball wars, laughter, pictures, and food!

after we got back from that excursion it was time to get ready for our next crazy busy weekend jam packed with events such as the RSL game (which they won!), ANOTHER family reunion, a water park/city pool, family bonding, sleepovers, and a farewell. it was one thing after the next, literally, but all in all great weekend. 

now this weekend has almost arrived and shane and i have decided that we will do nothing this weekend but relax in front of the tv and enjoy the olympics with some ice cream in hand! 

some more craziness will come starting monday but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it :)

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