texas visiting utah

well it's monday which means i woke up and didn't have a little brother sleeping on my couch this morning, which was WEIRD! ha we dropped off my mom and brother at the airport yesterday afternoon and said our goodbyes. it was a really fun week and we enjoyed having them. the house is SUPER quiet now which is kinda creeping me out. after our zoo adventure on tuesday we chilled, played some ticket to ride, went shooting, cut some hair, and ate..a lot! 

now it's time for the hubs and i to get ready for his family reunion starting thursday. the sanders are in charge this year so it's going to be a chaotic, crazy, good time! i'll be sure to post pictures once we get back. 

have a great week! 

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Jenn @ PSP said...

I've never seen that game before, but it looks chaotic! And I'm always down for some Texas Roadhouse, I love love LOVE their cinnamon butter and rolls...mmmm.... We somehow always end up eating a lot when family is in town...probably because they pay ; )