wisdom teeth suck. the end.

seriously though, not a fan. the past four days all i have been able to swallow down is jello, apple sauce, pudding, gogurts, chicken noodle soup, and mac and cheese. i mean, love those foods! but i miss REAL food! and i'm tired of my mouth aching in pain every time i try to talk or smile or laugh. stupid wisdom teeth. the frequent naps have been nice though, i will admit.

but anyway, this was just a post about me complaining. i apologize.
now i'm done and will move on.

looking forward to home town dates with miss emily tonight.
the hubs and i will be celebrating a year this weekend!
my mother and brother will be here in utah one week from today *gasp*
and the zoo is calling my name.

happy monday!

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Crissy B. said...

Hope you feel 100% soon!