welcome to the family!

that's right! we got to bring turbo home today and introduce him to langston!

they are both super cute! i can sit and watch them in the tank for hours...they are just so entertaining! at first when we put turbo in langston didn't like him AT ALL! you see...there is a BIG size difference...(blurry...but you get the point!) if turbo came anywhere near langston, he would FREAK OUT and swim to the other end of the tank as fast as he could.

but then langston started to realize that turbo didn't want to eat him, and instead was just like him but bigger. langston started following turbo around. but he still freaks out when turbo tries to follow him. haha crazy fish!

welcome to the family turbo! we are glad you are finally here :) shane and i are very excited to have our two fishies and watch them interact with one another.

turbo says "hello!"

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