temple square!

it's beginning to feel like christmas! but not so much look...we barely have the snow we had last year. but don't get me wrong, this is NOT me complaining. i LOVE the fact that we don't have that much snow. *fingers crossed it stays that way* but it was getting closer time for shane and i to be heading to TEXAS for christmas so we thought it was time that we went to temple square to see the fabulous christmas lights. halie, michael, logan, and adrienne joined the group as well. it was in the 20's that night (maybe colder...it sure felt like it) so everyone was bundled up. the kids could barely move haha the lights were awesome and beautiful! we had a great time looking at all the lights and finding places to take pictures. the kids were pretty excited when it was time to go back to the car and get warmed up though. here are some pictures of the evening.

adreinne wanted to take a picture of shane and i so that meant that we had to get down to her level really quickly and not fall haha

merry christmas from our family to yours! :)

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