so this one time during conference weekend...

conference weekend was SO MUCH FUN! dyaln was able to fly out and stay with shane and i which was awesome! i hadn't seen him since he went off to school so it was great to see him and catch up. we were able to get tickets to the priesthood session and sunday afternoon session of conference. saturday the three of us went up to temple square to show dylan around and then for them to attend the priesthood session. we went and saw the christus!

and the salt lake temple of course!

after i dropped the boys off at their session, i caught up with maddie moose to take our traditional conference weekend picture :) it was fun to see her!

and i also got to see jet! i was soooooo excited that she was going to be coming up for conference. we were able to hang out while the boys were in the session and catch up and talk. i loved it and was so glad that i was able to spend time with her since it had been four years since i had last seen jet. a lot had happened since then! haha we were also able to meet up again after the sunday afternoon session so that i was able to meet brad (jet's husband) and she was able to meet shane. oh, and to take this lovely picture of course :) it was a blast seeing jet and her wonderful family. i can't wait til next time!

sadly enough, the weekend went by way to fast...monday morning at 3:30 shane and i had to take mr. dylan to the airport and say our farewells to him. it was fun having him over for the weekend and getting to catch up. it was a fabulous weekend and i enjoyed it 100%

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