catch up!

so-things have been crazy busy and i havent updated for a little while, so this is going to be catch up time!

we'll start off with the csu/byu football game i went to in co with brett and alicia. i headed back up there at the beginning on november for the game, we had bought tickets this summer. it was a fun afternoon. it was rather cold and ended up snowing by half time which made the game that more memorable and fun. byu also ended up killing csu, which was rather nifty! there was no doubt byu had that game...which was a nice change since they haven't been doing super well. although, as a side note i must say that every byu game i went to this season (3) they won the game. ha anywho-while traveling to come back to provo on sunday the weather and roads got bad and my car ended up spinning across the road onto the shoulder...not a very fun experience AT ALL! after calling brett and alicia in tears, having two guys turn my car around, and trying to control myself, i ended up back at brett and alicia's and wasnt able to get back to provo til tuesday early evening because the roads weren't in good condition. thankfully i made it back in one piece but i can honestly say i have never been so scared in my entire life. the experience really made me question whether i really like snow or not...ha

next on the catch up list...I GOT TO GO HOME!!!! :D

this was very very VERY exciting news for me! i was suppose to head home on tuesday for thanksgiving break, but instead i was able to change my flight and come home on saturday. it was a suprise early visit...no one knew about me coming home early except my mom, grandparents, and jessica (she picked me up from the airport) :)

i was able to suprise nick, and courtney which was fun...and then on sunday i suprised everyone at church. it was so great to see everyone again and be back in my home ward. i was kept busy the entire time while at home.

on sunday i went to the youth's fireside and hung out with them which was fun!

monday-i went with the schlossers to dallas to go to dylan's doctors appointment. lauren, ragon, and i entertained ourselves by finding a rock garden and hiding in plants :)

tuesday and wednesday- was family day :)

thursday- lauren and i went out to support the boys in the annual turkey bowl :) i must say we were excellent cheerleaders even in the cold and rain. we did our best to scream and shout and cheer...even used lauren's mavs poster...yes, we know its the wrong sport :P we even gave the teams names...the blue knights and the red rockets. the blue knights ended up winning the game :) (thats the team we were really rooting for...ha) after our exciting game i went home and enjoyed the rest of the day with the family for thanksgiving!

early early early friday morning-dylan, lauren, courtney, and i went black friday shopping at 2 AM...it was quite an experience! dylan was the one in the group who ended up getting the best deals and he didnt even want to come. ha by the time we were done at 9:30 AM we were so sleep deprived that anything anyone said was ridiculously funny! the rest of day was super long...guess that happens when you barely get any sleep.

(this was our barely awake picture after all the chaos of shopping ha)
saturday- nick was baptized! i was so glad that i was able to be there when it happened too. brett baptized him which was neat and there was a pretty good turn out. nick was so excited about his day and it reminded me of when i was baptized...seems like so long ago. afterwards we had the missionaries over for dinner which i just always enjoy. i love getting to know the missionaries instead of just having them be there in the ward. they are such great guys and really have the spirit of the lord with them which is great to see. we all had a great time talking and getting to know one another during dinner. later that night most of the mp group got together at the schlosser's house to hang out and party (its a tradition) dylan, lauren, ragon, me, courtney, jeremiah, marisa, and brianna played games, chilled, played rockband, and were just crazy. ha it was a fun time!
sunday-i went to church and then afterwards had to leave to head to the airport.
it was a fun week but it went by wayyyy too fast! thankfully i get to go back in a week and a half for christmas break and it's a ton longer so i will be able to relax and enjoy it for a longer time than i was able to during thanksgiving. it was fun getting to spend time with my family a lot during the break too...i definitely took for granted them being around before i came out here for college and now i have a whole new appreciation for them! it was great to see my mp group too, i've really missed them and their personalities since being in utah. i'm excited for christmas break and all the crazy stuff that will happen then :)

back in provo, i went from 70 degree sunny weather to 17 degree weather with snow EVERYWHERE! it was quite the transition! the next day though, caitie and i decided to make the best out of it and make a snowman :) the snow out here is a lot different than back in texas though...it's dry so it's hard to build stuff with it. so instead of building a HUGE TALL snowman...this was our end result...

i think he's rather cute :)

anywho-that's been all the news that i havent blogged about recently. now it's finals time so it looks like i'll be locked in the library til my flight on the 15th (which im way ready for) i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving like i did! and is now ready for christmas, because i know i sure am! :)

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